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Bridal showers and/or bachelorette parties at Made By Me are only the beginning of the ways we can help you make your wedding special, or make a special wedding gift for people you love.

Remember, no one else will ever give the same thing as you when you make it yourself.

Guest-Book Platters & Commemorative Plates

Making a guest book platter is simple, and we offer three basic options:

1. You do it.

2. We do it with you.

3. We do it for you.

The first option involves these simple steps:

You buy the pottery, prepaint it if you want (we will prefire it if appropriate).
Bring the platter to your wedding or special event. Have guests sign in regular, no. 2 pencil.

Come back to Made By Me, trace over the signatures with paint, add any color decoration you want. We fire (or refire) the piece.You pay our standard fee of $8 per hour per painter for the time you spend painting, plus the price of the pottery.

The wedding in the barn platter shown here was a combination of options 1 & 2. The bride and groom painted the barn; we fired the piece. They brought it to their wedding as a guest book, and had us trace over the names.

For option number 2, we can prepare the plate for you (as we did for the sparkling blue platter above). You bring it to the wedding and we will trace over the names for you. The cost for this is $25 per hour. A typical platter, however, only takes between 1 and 3 hours.

For option number 3, you can simply custom order a platter (or other form), and either bring it to the event for a guest book, or have us paint names and special messages for you. Prices range from approximately $50 to $200. Some of our own patterns are shown here.

Our staff artists are always available for commissions. The cost of such a work would depend on the nature of the project.